Martin Pistorius

Martin Pistorius is a freelance web designer, developer, and author born in 1975, best known for his 2011 book ''Ghost Boy'', in which he describes living with locked-in syndrome and being unable to move for 12 to 14 years. When he was 12, he began losing voluntary motor control and eventually fell into a vegetative state for three years. He began regaining consciousness around age 16 and achieved full consciousness by age 19, although he was still completely paralyzed with the exception of his eyes. He was unable to communicate with other people until his caregiver Virna van der Walt noticed that he could use his eyes to respond to her words. She sent him to the Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication at the University of Pretoria for testing, where they confirmed that he was conscious and aware of his surroundings.

His parents then gave him a speech computer, and he began slowly regaining some upper body functions. In 2008 he met his wife Joanna through his sister Kim, and in 2009 they married. He co-wrote his autobiography ''Ghost Boy'' with Megan Lloyd Davies, which was published in 2011. By that time Pistorius had regained limited control over his head and arms, but still needed his speech computer to communicate with others. In 2018 the couple were expecting a child, and Pistorius was wheelchair-racing. Provided by Wikipedia
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